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Medical Malpractice Deaths

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Last year there were an unsettling amount of articles that were published stating that medical errors or medical malpractice were the third leading cause of death in the United States. That is terrifying to think about. Not only is it horrible that these people who were seeking medical aid are dying, but these deaths should never have even happened. If someone goes to the doctor they should expect to be helped. Not die due to causes that could have been avoided.(see articles from Washington Post, US News, Forbes, and BMJ)

If something like this happens to a family, what are their options?

The families of the unexpected victim expect two things to happen. They expect the situation to be rectified as best it can, and they usually want to prevent it from happening to anyone else. There is one option that is readily available to any victims of this situation that addresses both expectations. You can contact a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury lawyers are experts in these situations. They have contacts in the medical field and other experts that can help determine if there was any fault in the situation that caused injuries or death and who was at fault. If there is a party at fault and it is determined that the medical providers are the guilty party, the recipients of the medical error deserve to be “made whole” or as close as they can get.

Once a case has been created and brought to the attention of the wrongdoer, they have two options. They can either choose to accept fault and try to make up for it, or deny fault in which case it will be decided in court. Often, medical malpractice cases will go to court because few organizations want to admit that they were in the wrong. This is where the second expectation can now be addressed.

Prevention is better than restitution.

If we don’t want the same thing to happen to anyone else, attention needs to be drawn to the problem. Sometimes, if issue is brought to the attention of an organizations executives they can be prompted to change processes. Other times no changes will be made on the organizations end but citizens may have now been made aware of an issue with the organization and will therefore choose to take their business elsewhere. This is a big reason why courts have seats for the public. So that they can attend trials and use what they have learned in court for future decisions.

In the end, any victim of medical errors needs to be made whole. Personal injury lawyers are there to help this happen. One death from medical error that could have been avoided is one too many. There is an absurd amount of deaths that could have been avoided. Personal injury lawyers are one of the best resources we can use to try and rectify this issue.

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