You shouldn’t have to be a wreck after the wreck

The person who hit your car was not driving responsibly—and now you’re unjustly injured. As auto accident attorneys, we’re ready to help. Let’s get you the reimbursement you need from the insurance company.

Automobile Accident Attorney

One minute you are driving; the next, you’ve been hit. After the impact, your car comes to a stop, and you are left dazed—and injured— all as a result of someone else’s irresponsible driving. Whether the other driver ran a stop sign, was texting and driving, or driving under the influence, your life may be permanently changed as a consequence.

As if the stress and trauma that come from being in a wreck isn’t bad enough, often, insurance companies or other drivers in the accident try to turn the tables—denying that the wreck caused your injuries or placing the blame on your shoulders. This really is a case of “adding insult to injury”!

You only have one chance to settle your case with the insurance company. If you don’t get enough to compensate you for your injuries when you settle your case, you don’t get to make another claim with the insurance company or file a lawsuit.

In this tense situation, you don’t have to be alone. It’s time to get help from a Utah auto accident lawyer—a professional who can fight in your corner and give your case the attention it deserves.

Driver Suffering From Whiplash After Traffic Collision

Getting a Qualified Attorney

At Young & Young, our experienced team of attorneys understands the physical and financial pains that can be unfairly heaped on your shoulders after an auto accident. We are ready to help.


  • Standing Up To the Insurance Company

    Insurance companies often push back, grudgingly avoiding paying for your expenses after a serious accident. Our attorneys go to bat for you—getting the settlement you deserve for your pains or taking your case all the way to trial if necessary.

  • Acting Fast

    Auto accidents require speedy responses. Doing so helps to prove your injuries resulted from the accident and to accurately reconstruct the details of the accident. Our team helps you quickly gather the facts, knowing your case is time-sensitive. In many cases, we hire investigators and engineers to reconstruct your wreck to find the real cause.

  • Years of Experience

    The attorneys at Young & Young have over 40 years of experience with auto accident cases. Our professionals love getting our clients the compensation they need to help their lives return to normal.

We will not treat you like a number.

You can always speak with a person in our office about the status of your case or about any legal questions you have. Our team takes pride in returning phone calls, responding to emails, and making ourselves available when you have questions.

Get the fair resolution you deserve

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