• I worked as a Legal Secretary for Allen and Tyler and I hired them as my personal injury attorneys. I have a great understanding of who they are and how they help. I’ve seen the work Tyler and Allen do - I’ve seen them in depositions, I’ve read court documents they’ve written, I’ve seen them in court, etc. Tyler and Allen gained and kept my trust over years of working together. When I was involved in a bike accident, I knew Allen and Tyler were the best attorneys to call for the legal help I needed. Though I worked for them, I didn’t know what it was like to go through a personal injury myself. Now as Tyler and Allen’s client, they strengthened me through this personal injury and brought me a peace of mind I didn’t know was possible. If you’re in a situation such as personal injury, wrongful death, car accident, etc, I am sorry! I know with Tyler and Allen you will feel MUCH less overwhelmed and you will be able to focus on your needs. Because Allen and Tyler lifted the stress load from me, I was able to focus more on the therapies I needed which helped me heal faster and better. I’m sure that it’d be the same for you! I highly recommend Tyler and Allen to others- I know if I’m ever in a situation again where I need legal help, I can count on Allen and Tyler! Just like they helped me, I know they’ll help you!

    Trustworthy, Hard-Working, & Knowledgeable Attorneys Nov 9, 2015 by Cara S on Young & Young Law Office
  • I worked closely with Tyler and was consistently impressed with how much he cares about his clients. While being able to answer any clients question, he cared so much for their situation. With a good sense of humor and caring attitude, I would recommend Tyler to friends and family.

    Caring Nov 5, 2015 by Aaron on Young & Young Law Office
  • I was sitting in the passenger side and was t-boned by another car. The injuries I suffered was only the beginning when it came to insurance, especially from the driver who hit us. Afraid of being cheated or going on the assumption of dishonest lawyers, I was reluctant to contact a lawyer. When I spoke with Tyler I knew right away he was different. Throughout the process, Tyler was honest, upfront, and great to work with. He made a horrible experience manageable and I am still very grateful.

    Honesty Oct 29, 2015 by MCampbell on Young & Young Law Office
  • My family and I will forever be grateful for Young & Young Law. Tyler, Allen, and their team do more than win cases, they provided me with much needed support through the most difficult time in my life. Their commitment to seeing my case through has brought back a sense of peacefulness to my life. At a time where I felt powerless against the insurance company, they were willing to step in and have them accept responsibility. Due in large part to their care, diligence, and skill, we were able to come to a fair and peaceful resolution. I couldn’t be more delighted with the representation I received. Their hard work, experience, and compassion for my unique situation restored my faith in our legal system. I am so fortunate they took my case. I deserved the best and I found it at Young & Young Law. Sincerely, Anonymous

    Forever Grateful Nov 4, 2015 by Anonymous on Young & Young Law Office
  • I was rear ended by a drunk driver in January of 2013 and herniated 3 disks in my neck and back. I called a law firm that does a lot of advertising on the radio, billboards ect... they claim that they will answer the phone and put you on with a lawyer 24/7. YES, that was true, until I went in and was assigned a lawyer. In almost two years of not being able to get a hold of them, well..... maybe three calls & emails were returned. I was offered a settlement of $5,000!! At the time I had accrued around $14,000 in medical expenses. I was living in Salt Lake City, and being from Utah county, I knew of the reputation of the Young and Young law firm. I called and spoke with Tyler, to get his opinion, and he agreed that the offer standing was nowhere near what my case was worth. Tyler took the case. Within about a year, Tyler was able to get me a $25,000 settlement with the at fault party's insurance. Which was the maximum amount of the coverage. As well as get me another $25,000 from my insurance. Also the maximum coverage for my policy. $50,000 instead of $5,000!!!! They are all absolutely wonderful, honest, and dedicated to there clients. In the office you are always greeted with a smile. If I ever needed to talk to anyone about anything, I would either hear back from Tyler or April the same day. Worst case would be the next day. They are great about keeping in touch with they're clients. I would recommend them to anyone! Hands down the best! Tyler, Allen, April, Toni, Kim and any of the law office family unmentioned...... Thank you all for your dedication hard work! Austin T.

    Hands Down The Best Oct 28, 2015 by Austin Tuttle on Young & Young Law Office
  • When I first called Tyler, I knew this was going to be a great partnership. He was happy to talk with me & straightforward about everything. You know when you just feel like you've met a good guy? This is one of those.

    Friendly & Energetic Oct 22, 2015 by Chris on Young & Young Law Office
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