Been in a Wreck with a Truck?

Truck drivers have insurance to back them up. Make sure you have a trucking accident Lawyer just as capable standing up for your side of the case.

Trucking Accident Lawyer

There’s an old adage that says, “Whether the stone hits the pitcher, or the pitcher hits the stone, it’s going to be bad for the pitcher.” Unfortunately, your personal car is the “pitcher” when in an accident with a large truck. Wrecks involving tractor trailers or other commercial vehicles can easily become more extreme than regular accidents because the sheer weight of the other vehicle is much more than yours. This makes it much easier for you to become injured.

Trucking companies will rush to defend their driver, not wanting to be held liable for their mistakes. They often will destroy logbooks and case-critical information if not requested quickly. This leaves you on your own as the trucking corporations and their insurance companies back you into a corner. Don’t let the big guys push you around—our lawyers at Young & Young are here to get you the compensation you deserve for your trucking accident injuries.

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Capable Attorneys on Your Side

Our experienced lawyers at Young & Young are ready to be your advocate against trucking companies, finding you compensation for your pains.

Provo Young & Young Law

  • Responding Quickly

    In any truck accident case, speedy response is crucial! Trucking companies have information stored in “black boxes” and log books that can legally be destroyed if a lawyer doesn’t get involved quickly.

  • Knowledgeable Experts

    Our attorneys are well familiar with truck regulations and laws on state and federal levels. Our attorneys even consult with accident reconstruction experts to analyze what caused your wreck.

  • Fighting for Compensation

    At Young & Young, we help our clients receive monetary damages for injuries to their person and vehicle. We can also help you receive compensation for diminished earning capacity, emotional losses, property damage, and more.

Trucking accident cases are time-sensitive. Contact us right away!

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