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Fireworks and Injuries. What Legal Recourse do I Have?

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July is one of the best months in the year. Not only is it summer and we get to enjoy the amazing Utah outdoors, but we also get to celebrate the birth of our country. The 4th of July has some of the best traditions; barbeques, reunions, parades, and most importantly. . . fireworks. Fireworks have long been a standard 4th of July traditions. They are representative of the “bombs bursting in air” in our national anthem and they are also just awesome. However, every year there are thousands of firework related injuries. Last year alone saw an estimated 11,000 firework related injuries according to the Insurance Journal and 4 deaths. (Facts About Fireworks: 11,000 Injuries, 4 Deaths in 2016 By Andrew G. Simpson | June 30, 2017)

Most firework related injuries happen to young boys goofing off, but all too often it is innocent bystanders that are the unfortunate victims. Now regardless of the situation if someone is injured by no fault of their own, they want to know what they can do to get compensated for their injury. This may be irritating to hear but it really depends on the situation.

No two injuries are the same and so no two answers or cases can be the same either. However, one thing will always be the same and that is the need for strong evidence. With firework injuries, this is especially true and goes beyond just showing proof of an injury. Obviously, the strongest evidence is video footage of the incident. Now that everyone has smart phones, it is much easier to get video footage of incidents than in the past. Even if you aren’t able to get video footage, photo evidence can be just as helpful. If you have video of the incident actually happening then it speaks for itself. If not, then you can take pictures of the aftermath. For example, if the situation is a faulty firework you’ll want to keep the firework and get pictures of the area and try to have the pictures tell the story of what happened.

If you were wrongfully harmed or injured by fireworks and you are wondering if you can receive compensation, you can always ask us and we will do our best to help you.

sebo marketingFireworks and Injuries. What Legal Recourse do I Have?

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