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Are You Covered? Understanding Insurance when Renting a Car from Turo

Are You Covered? Understanding Insurance when Renting a Car from Turo

Renting a car offers convenience and flexibility, and platforms like Turo have gained popularity in recent years. Turo allows individuals to rent cars from private owners, providing an alternative to traditional car rental companies. However, when it comes to insurance coverage, it's essential to understand the potential issues and ensure you are adequately protected. In this article, we will explore the question of coverage when renting a car from Turo and emphasize the importance of contacting your insurance provider before making a rental.

Understanding Insurance Coverage with Turo

  1. Turo's Insurance Options:

Turo provides insurance coverage options for renters, offering three tiers: "Minimum," "Basic," and "Premium." These options vary in terms of coverage limits, deductibles, and costs. Renters can choose the level of protection they prefer, but it's crucial to carefully review the details to understand the extent of coverage provided. We always recommend selecting the best insurance available. 

  1. Personal Auto Insurance:

Your personal auto insurance policy may provide coverage when renting a car from Turo. However, policies differ, and it's essential to consult your insurance provider to understand the specifics. Some policies may offer full or partial coverage, while others may exclude coverage for rental vehicles. Also, make sure when you consult with your insurer that you get a commitment from them in writing that confirms your coverage while driving through Turo. Often insurers will tell you something on the phone and later deny what they said. That’s why you must have things in writing from your insurer.

  1. Credit Card Coverage:

Certain credit cards may provide additional insurance coverage when renting a car. Review your credit card benefits or contact your credit card company to determine if they offer any coverage for Turo rentals. Keep in mind that coverage limits and specific conditions may apply.

  1. Supplementary Insurance:

If you feel that the coverage provided by Turo's insurance options or your personal policy is insufficient, you may consider purchasing supplemental insurance. Various third-party providers offer specialized rental car insurance that can provide an extra layer of protection during your Turo rental period.


Renting a car from Turo offers flexibility and convenience, but it's essential to understand the insurance coverage implications. While Turo provides insurance options for renters, it's crucial to contact your auto insurance provider before renting to ensure you have adequate coverage. Your personal auto insurance policy and credit card benefits may offer some protection, but it's important to confirm the extent and limitations of coverage. If necessary, consider supplemental insurance options to enhance your protection, or add protection if you don’t have auto insurance, during the rental period. By taking proactive steps and reaching out to your insurance provider, you can have peace of mind and enjoy your Turo rental experience with confidence.

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