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Driving Safely in School Traffic

Driving Safely in School Traffic

When school starts up again, the roads suddenly become busy from midday to about 6pm. There are carpool lines, teens who have recently learned to drive, kids riding their bikes to and from school, and kids walking everywhere. This can put you as a driver in some difficult positions. Many kids will be walking or riding their bikes home with their friends and most likely will not be paying close attention to the traffic around them. Because they do not make the best decisions when driving near a school, you need to be a defensive driver. Be prepared for a kid to come out in front of you or for them to be in the middle of the road.

Being a Defensive Driver

Being ready for something to happen can help you avoid getting into an accident. Also be aware of where the school zones and crosswalks are, and know where to stop. If you are in a hurry, avoiding school zones is your best bet as you will not have to stop to let children cross the street, and school zones typically have a speed limit of 20 miles per hour. These are not areas you want to be rushing through.

While drivers need to be careful in a school zone, you should also talk to your children about being safe when they are coming home from school. Discuss the route you want your kids to take on their way home. Point out the busy roads they should avoid and which streets and stop signs they should cross at. If you are going to be picking them up, choose a meeting spot they can go to every day.

Ensuring Safety for Everyone

The start of school can be a super exciting time, but it can also be crazy and chaotic. Being careful when driving by a school or in a school carpool can help everyone stay safe and have a great first couple of weeks of school. If something does happen, do not hesitate to contact your Personal Injury Lawyer Provo Utah.


Driving safely in school traffic requires being a defensive driver and being prepared for potential risks. Understanding the importance of school zones, crosswalks, and safe routes for children can contribute to a safer environment. Remember to communicate with your children about road safety and consider choosing a designated meeting spot. By prioritizing safety, we can ensure a smooth and secure start to the school year.

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