Types of Children's Car Seats

Types of Children's Car Seats

The best way to keep your child safe while driving is to ensure they are seated in the proper car seat for their age, height, and weight. There are rear facing car seats, forward facing car seats, booster seats, and a regular seat belt. Each one of these car seats are designed for different ages of children. Getting the correct model can keep your kids safe, and ensure they are secured in the car. 

Rear facing car seat

A rear facing car seat is the first car seat a baby will use. They are typically built smaller and have a handle built into them. It can be used as a car seat and a normal carrier. There is a base that you set up in your car, the seat is secured into that so you do not have to attach and reattach the seat multiple times. Some rear facing car seats can be converted to forward facing car seats as your child grows. These seats are bulkier and do not have the convenient carrier handle. Other seats are all-in-one and can change as your child grows so they only need a car seat. It is recommended to keep your child in a rear facing car seat as long as their weight and height will allow. 

Forward facing car seat

There are a few different types of forward facing car seats: convertible seats, combination seats with a harness, integrated seats, and traveling vests. Convertible seats are the ones that can go from rear facing to forward facing. A combination seat is a seat with a harness for smaller children or a booster without a harness for bigger children. Travel vests can be used when there is only a lap seat belt available. 

Booster seats

Booster seats are used once children outgrow their forward facing seat. There are backless boosters and high-back boosters. These seats are not secured to the car’s seat. They are set on the seat and secured when the child puts their seat belt on. A high-back booster should be used when a seat has a low seat back or no headrest. Backless boosters are perfect for cars with a head rest, these boosters are also easier to move into another car. Accidents happen, but having your child in a proper car seat can keep children safer and more secure. Contact your Personal Injury Attorney Provo Utah if you get into an accident. We will fight for you and get you the compensation you deserve. 

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